Welcome to the Graceland Updates free live charts. These charts can be viewed both by subscribers and GU site vistors.

We are pleased to bring you these free live charts, courtesy of our chart master friends in Europe, live.charts.co.uk

Most of you regularly go to 321gold or Kitco or gold-eagle to access the latest Kitco live gold, silver, and US dollar Index charts, right? There are other charts, but these are the main ones.

These are very good charts indeed. What is particularly nice about the Kitco charts is they are CASH charts. You are seeing the CASH MARKET price for gold.

Your choice of bar charts or candle charts, Point and figure charts, and line charts!

Just put your mouse over the top right hand side of the charts, select OPTIONS.

There`s also MACD, Stochastics, Moving Averages. You can access VOLUME as well.

The charts are interactive and update automatically.

Thanks to live.charts.co.uk for their generosity and performance with these cash charts.

Click one of the links below to choose your live chart right now. Happy Charting!